Physical Activity Level (PAL) Energy Cost Estimate & Tracker

Here is a Sheet I've created for tracking your PAL Scores for various activities throughout the day. I've created the Scores on the left for the activities not found on the WHO sheet by comparing the WHO figures with information pulled from different websites regarding Calories burnt at specific activities, then creating various Math Factors … Continue reading Physical Activity Level (PAL) Energy Cost Estimate & Tracker


Here is a Useful, Printer-friendly Diet Log I created to keep track of your caloric intake. You should use it for at least 3 days, including one weekend day. Be sure to eat all the normal things you usually eat, no cheating! It's best to use it for a full 5-7 days, including an entire … Continue reading Dietlogue

Exercise Dynamic

Level 1: 20 minutes of any of a variety of aerobic exercises, pauses count. Level 2: 20 minutes of total continuous aerobic exercises,  pauses not counted. Level 3: 20 minutes of continuous aerobic exercises, no pauses made. Level 4: 30 minutes of exercise, not counting pauses. Level 5: 30 minutes of aerobic exercises,  without pausing. … Continue reading Exercise Dynamic